The Face of Prayer In The Classroom



Encourage students to ask questions about the faith and the Church.

Plan a day in your classroom to film questions and submit them here, or contact us at to schedule time for us to visit your classroom!

Make it a project! Invite students to create their videos to ask questions, have them follow up when the question gets answered, and reflect on their understanding before and after. Invite students to submit follow up questions if needed, or explore similar topics.

Click here to download a liability form to use The Face of Prayer™ in your ministry. Be sure to retain the signed documents for your records.



Visit our watch page to view interactive videos that answer hundreds of questions! Videos include additional resources and quiz questions to check for understanding.

Flip the classroom! Assign a video for homework and instruct students to read the additional resources within the video. Have them take notes, write a reflection, or answer directed questions, then have a follow up discussion in class the next day.

Use videos as a Do Now/ Bellringer activity to open up a new topic.

Jig Saw the videos by topic. Split the class into groups and assign each group a topic to explore and learn about. Have each group present the topic and understanding to their peers.



Show us how you are using The Face of Prayer™ in your classroom via social media.

Tag us @TheFaceOfPrayer on Twitter and @FaceOfPrayer on Instagram! Ensure you have parent/guardian permission before submitting photos of anyone under 18 years old.



Have students nominate a priest, bishop, sister, or layperson to answer a question. Click here to nominate.



Use the daily prayer in your classroom and encourage students to subscribe.

Text PRAY to 55778 or subscribe online to sign up to receive the daily prayer intention and pray to Our Lady each day with thousands of others! Message & data rates apply.